Abbigliamento ciclismo MCipollini



Monocoque carbon racing bikes


OVER 100

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Bicicletta Bond Mcipollini

Trasferimento di potenza integrale
movimento centrale rivoluzionario
massima resistenza alle sollecitazioni
design aggressivo e minimale

La nuova Bond

Apri gli occhi

su monoscocca, carbonio e Made in Italy

L'artigianato italiano


MCipollini artigianato di qualità La filiera produttiva MCipollini

Lets lift the veil

on true "Made in Italy” craftsmanship.
Without today’s imitations
and the encrypted
language that we are used to.

The quality language
La filiera produttiva MCipollini La filiera produttiva MCipollini

We go against the tide

we don’t give verbal responses, we don’t blow
‘hot air’ speaking vaguely about ‘Made in Italy’.
We simply show you, in a stark way, something
that no one else has the courage to reveal:

The manufacturing supply chain
MCipollini collezione bici 2013 MCipollini collezione bici 2013

Bike catalog

Made in Italy
road bikes.

Discover it
MCipollini Bond bike MCipollini Bond bike

Bond road bike

completely original design.
The first rule when going against the tide.
It seems trivial. But it's not..

Discover Cipollini Bond
MCipollini il Film MCipollini il Film

Bond movie

Mario guards the project
of the new BOND-ATOMLINK innovative
construction system,
original patent BO2012A000253,
and protects it from the industrial imitators.

Watch the movie

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