Eurobike: Mario uncovers Cipollini
Eurobike: Mario uncovers Cipollini

Eurobike: Mario uncovers Cipollini "Bond"

Friedrichshafen (D) - last wednesday August 29th Mario Cipollini himself
spectacularly introduced the newborn, the innovative frame “BOND”.
The best sprinter of all times reached the Cipollini pavillion
riding a RB1000 wearing a strange suit, surrounded by journalists and flashlights.

As he reached the stage the “Open your eyes” trailer was projected
on a big screen (you can see it at our homepage)
before the introduction of the actual frame.
“We don’t reply with words, we don’t serve ‘smoke’ talking about
a so-called ‘quality’ and a vague ‘Made in Italy’. We simply unveil
the experimental results, the effects, the real advantages the frame generates;
and we show you, as it exactly is, one thing nobody dares nowadays:
the production line. It’s our way to make you open your eyes
on the real Made in Italy”.
This is the summary by Federico Zecchetto, production manager
of Cipollini frames; the company policy is: “Gather the best italian craftsmen
to keep on creating Italian works of art”.
Mario Cipollini, clearly satisfied, replied: “Zecchetto in 2009 put his trust
in my ideas and through engineering studies, choices of quality,
italian craftsmanship and all the answers coming from my experience
on the road, we built a wonderful bike, the RB1000, revolutioning
the carbon monocoque market. Today we launch this new frame
and I have to admit proudly that it’s nothing less than the elder brother.
It’s just a matter of preferences, in any case Bond offers top level performances
for an unbelievable price compared to the actual quality.
That’s why we dare to call it “a masterpiece””.

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