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BOND EVO is a road bike that's well within the reach of many ambitious riders. Its frame is the most accessible of the MCipollini range and has the following features: damping at the top, rigid and responsive at the bottom.
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The association between anthropometric measurements (rider height/horse height) and frame size is a statistical average based on the over 17,000 tests carried out and present in the idmatch database considering the correlation between frame size - stem length. All this - given that each Cipollini® frame has a specific geometry aimed at the different use of the specific type of cyclist - has the sole purpose of providing an initial indication of the correct size to choose for the specific model. In order to fully enjoy the experience with a Cipollini® frame, we advise you to choose an "idmatch dealer" or a professional biomechanic for the correct positioning on the bike.

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How to measure height

Group 25
Stand upright Stand barefoot against a wall with your heels, buttocks, shoulders and head touching the wall. Straighten your chin and look straight ahead. Ask a person to place a book on your head, pushing it parallel until it touches the wall so that it creates a right angle with the wall. At this point the person helping you will draw a line with a pencil at the level that reaches the book on the wall. Measure the distance from the floor to the line: the number obtained corresponds to your height.

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How to measure crotch

Group 22
For the measurement you need to be barefoot and wear cycling shorts. Stand up straight against a wall and having someone help you, place a metric spirit level (bubble) between your thighs, at crotch height. Measure the distance from the outer edge of the spirit level to the ground. This measurement corresponds to your horse

Discover BOND EVO in every detail

BOND EVO is a comfortable essence thanks to a frame with attention paid to the minimum detail.

This carbon steel racing bike stands apart for its dual frame construction. The upper part, thanks to the horizontal tubes and the small forks, ensures constant comfort while pedalling. The lower part, with oblique tubes and sleeve sections, makes the bike exceptionally rigid and responsive. The double seat holder optimises pedalling in the ideal position. The superior technological profile of the bike is also guaranteed:
  • . by the internal cable passage that provides maximum integration for hydraulic and electronic cables, thanks to the 1'' 1/2 steering series and the specific fork.
  • . by the BB86 central bracket which allows the direct assembly of the press-fit caps of the group producer without the need for adapters.
  • . by the passage compatible with comfort covers of up to 28 mm.
To find out all about the use and maintenance of your MCipollini BOND EVO please refer to the manual available here.
Discover our warranty for your new MCipollini
To learn more about the mechanization of Bond Evo, please refer to the manual available here.

Technical features

  • maximum tyre width
    28 mm (MEASURED WIDTH)
  • central movement
    PRESSFIT 41 X 86,5 mm
  • fork weight
    420 g
  • chassis weight
    1020 g
  • seat post
    OFFSET 15 mm 130 g. Optional: OFFSET 0 mm
  • headset
    CONICAL 1.1/2” 1.1/2”
  • handlebar stem
    FSA ST ROAD NS ACR alloy -6° A9(XS: 90 mm, S: 100 mm, M: 110 mm, L: 120 mm, XL: 130 mm) + Vision Trimax Aero ACR(XS: 400 mm, S/M/L: 420 mm, XL: 440 mm c-c)
  • exchange
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 12s R8150
  • chain
    Shimano M8100 12s
  • gripper controls
    Shimano Ultegra, ST-R8170, BR-R8170
  • covers
    Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR 28-622
  • derailleur
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150
  • fork
    MCipollini BOND EVO DB
  • garnish
    Shimano Ultegra Power meter R8100-P 52/36(XS/S: 170 mm, M/L: 172,5 mm, XL: 175 mm)
  • central movement
    Shimano Pressfit BB72
  • handlebar tape
    Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Classic - Black, Pair
  • sprocket set
    Shimano Ultegra 12s R8100 11-34
  • seatpost
    MCipollini BOND EVO
  • rotors
    Shimano RTCL800 160 mm
  • rear wheel
    Fulcrum AIRBEAT 400 DB 21 2WF-R AFS
  • rear wheel
    Fulcrum AIRBEAT 400 DB 21 2WF-R AFS
  • saddle
    Selle Italia Model X Superflow
  • chassis
    MCipollini BOND EVO DB
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