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Stories | racing | 2021 Alps Tour with Bardiani CSF Faizanè

2021 Alps Tour with Bardiani CSF Faizanè

From the 19th to 23rd of April returns Tour of The Alps, the five-stage race that brings the biggest names in men’s cycling on the Trentino’s roads, South Tyrol and Tyrol.

This year we will also see Bardiani CSF Faizanè, in the UCI PRO TEAMS section, riding Dolomia, the latest frame created by Cipollini, born to face even the most challenging mountain tracks.


The competition will cross Austria, South Tyrol and Trentino offering exciting routes between historic town centers and Alpine peaks.

Stage 1

You’ll start from Bressanone and you’ll arrive to Innsbruck, Tyrol’s capital.
This track, with a total of 140.6 kilometers, made of mild and low slopes, will offer the perfect scenery to the most fearless riders.

Stage 2

With a total of 121.5 kilometres we pass to the second challenging day from Innsbruck to Feichten im Kaunertal, in the heart of the Vinschgau Alps. This is an interesting stage in which athlets will have to work very hard but, at the same time, it will offer unforgettable emotions thanks to the slopes that will be higher than 12%.

Stage 3

162 kilometers for the third stage that starts from Imst and ends at Naturno.
This is an important track for participants, who will alternate challenging climbs to long straights and technical descents with an end that could lead to interesting turning points.

Stage 4

The mileage is getting longer and also the altitude difference: the fourth stage owns all the attributes to be the most challenging day with its 168.6 kilometers.
It starts from Naturno and reaches Valle del Chiese/Pieve di Bono crossing two key points of the entire competition: Passo Castrin with its 1706, roof of the 2021 Alps Tour and 1000 meters of altitude in almost 14 km of Passo Campo Carlo Magno.

Stage 5

The last stage is the shortest, with its 120.9 kilometers but could reserve crucial actions. After the first flat section, there are alternating climbs that reach almost 8% slope, circuits and slopes, which finally lead to the finish line in Piazza Garibaldi at Riva del Garda.

2021 Alps Tour is a competition that assures to offer great emotions and which you can follow on TV on Eurosport, Raisport and LIVE streaming on Eurosport Player,,,, PMG
We are ready to test Dolomia on ambitious ascents and technical descents, sure that the combination of lightness-power will support the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team throughout the race.

Good luck guys!