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1. Premiss

  1. Welcome to "", (hereinafter the "Site"), official website of DIAMANT S.r.l.

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    The Company may modify or simply update, in whole or in part, these General Conditions. Changes and updates to the General Conditions will be notified to users on the Website Homepage as soon as they are adopted and will be binding as soon as they are published on the Website in this section.

    If any provision of these General Conditions of Use is found to be unlawful, void or ineffective for any reason, its invalidity or ineffectiveness shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

    1. Content of the Site

    The Site contains hyperlinks (hereinafter referred to as "links") to other websites that have no connection to the Site. The Company does not control or monitor such websites and their contents. The Company cannot be held responsible for the contents of these sites and the rules adopted by them also with regard to your privacy and the processing of your personal data during your browsing operations. Therefore, we advise you to be careful when linking to these websites through the links on the Site and to carefully read the respective terms of use and privacy regulations. Indeed, these General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy do not apply to websites operated by other parties other than the Company. The Site provides links to other websites only to facilitate its users in search and navigation and to facilitate hypertext links on the Internet to other websites. The activation of the links does not entail any recommendation or report of the Company for access to and navigation on these websites, nor any guarantee about their contents, services or goods provided by them and sold to Internet users.

    1. Limitation of liability

    By accessing the Site you will be solely responsible for the use of the same and its contents. The Company, in fact, cannot be held responsible for the use of the Site and its contents by each of its users, without prejudice to the liability of the Company for intentional and gross negligence. In particular, you will be the sole and sole responsible for the communication of incorrect information and data, false or related to third parties, without their consent, and in consideration of incorrect use of the same.

    Finally, since any material will be downloaded or obtained through the use of the service at your choice and risk, any liability for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from the unloading operations falls on the user and cannot be attributed to the Company. The Company declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from inaccessibility to the services on the Site or any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, content cancellations, network related problems, providers or telephone and/or telematic connections, unauthorized access, data alterations, failure and/or malfunction of the user’s electronic equipment.

    You are responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of your personal information, including credentials that allow you to access the reserved services, as well as any harmful consequences or injury that may result at the expense of the Company or third parties as a result of the incorrect use, loss, subtraction of such information.

    1. Privacy Policy

    We remind you to carefully read the Privacy Policy in order to understand how the Site collects and uses your personal data and for what purposes.

    1. Intellectual property rights

    All content, in any format, published on the Site, including web pages, graphics, colors, schematics, tools, fonts and website design, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of the Site, are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property rights of the Company and other rightholders. Reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, of the Site and its contents is prohibited without the express written consent of the Company. The Company has the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction, in any way or form, in whole or in part, of the Site and its contents. With respect to your use of the Site, you are only authorized to:

    (i)   view the website and its contents;

    (ii)       perform all those other temporary acts of reproduction, without proper economic importance, which are considered transitional or ancillary, an integral and essential part of the same display of the site and its contents;

    (iii)   all other browsing operations on the website that are performed only for a legitimate use of the same and its contents.

    Any further act of reproduction must be authorized from time to time by the Company or, if necessary, by the authors of the individual works contained in the website. Such reproduction operations must be carried out for lawful purposes and in compliance with copyright and other intellectual property rights of the Company and the authors of the individual works contained in the website. The authors of individual works published on the Site have, at any time, the right to claim the authorship of their works and to oppose any deformation, mutilation or other modification of the works themselves including any act to the detriment of the works, that is prejudicial to their honor or reputation. You undertake to respect the copyright of artists who have chosen to publish their works on the Site or who have collaborated with the Site to create new forms of expression and art intended to be published, even if not exclusively on the website, or, again, that form an integral part of it. Moreover, you are not, in any case, authorized to use, in any way and form, the contents of the website and every single work protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right. By way of example, you may not alter or otherwise modify the contents and protected works without the consent of the Company and, where necessary, of the individual authors of the works published on the Site.

    1. Applicable law

    These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and interpreted in accordance with the same, including, without limitation, any dispute concerning the existence, the validity and effectiveness of the General Conditions and any other agreements referred to them.

    1. Information

    For assistance and/or general information on the services provided by the Site and the Company, you can always contact the Company by e-mail at